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Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Windows Ice XP v6 Advanced ITA (SATA Mod) 7/2010

Windows Ice XP v6 Advanced ITA (SATA Mod) 7/2010 | 610MB

OS: Windows ICE XP v6 Advanced
Produttore:Greifi Grishnackh
Based on OS: Windows XP Professional OEM
Service Pack: 3
Version: 07/01/2001 5.1.2600.5512
Ice Version: 6.0 Advanced
ISO: 610MB
Release date: 7/2010

Ice Style Interface "Windows Seven inspired"
Service Pack 3 + hotfix dec 2009
Driver SATA support (only "SATA Mod" ISO)
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Media Player 11
Windows Sidebar
DirectX 9c aug 2009
Flash Player 10 ActiveX-Plugin
Silverlight 2.0
Kel's CPL All-in-One v10.2
UWP Utilities Pack
More Tweaks for performance and stability
New context menu funtion
Post-Install with Tweaks

Changelog v5 > v6
Windows Update hotfix @ December 2009
Internet Explorer 8
Remove Installation by Update
Driver SATA (only SATA Mod ISO)
New Interface
Fix Ice theme
2 new themes (vista & seven)
more wallpapers
new shell animations
Restore "Help & Support"
Restore classic Luna theme
Ner Intro avi *
fix more tweaks
New cache L2 12mb tweak (post-install)
new ram tweaks (for 1-2-3gb) (post-install)
new startup tweaks for dual/quad CPU
Fix more bugs!!

Windows Activation And WGA
Leggete il file di testo contenuto all'interno della cartella
Readme txt file

PS: gli screen sono della release in inglese...non era il caso di postare anche quelli della release in italiano dato che graficamente parlando sono uguali.

Download Windows Ice XP v6 Advanced ITA (SATA Mod) 7/2010 | 610MB :

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